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Who We Are


Manchester Driver School.

Manchester Driver School is Manchester based quality oriented driving school, our school is committed to improving the safety of everyone on the road, Good technique is a prerequisite for success in almost any activity – sport, music, art etc.

Our Principles of Education

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    Professional Driving Lessons.
    To provide excellent quality driving lessons through  DSA approved experienced instructors, in order to make your dream to be a good driver as seamless as possible .
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    Excellent timely support.
    To guide you through the process from learner to driver with all the support you need during your endeavour to realise your dream
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    Tailored training for your distinctive individual traits.
    We aim to produce a driver who is not only polished in style but understands prevention and drives the vehicle accordingly. We aim to encourage all drivers to become better educated by involving them in their driving, the risks associated with driving and why they exist .
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